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Conference Programme

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Thursday 7 July

Time Event
5.30pm - 7.30pm Welcome Function
Christchurch Art Gallery 

Friday 8 July

Time Event
7.30am Registration desk opens at Air Force Museum
8.30am  Mihi Whakatau
9:15am Morning tea amongst the exhibition
9:45am  Conference opening   
10:00am  Keynote session

Executive functions and language development 
Prof Gary Morgan

Kindly sponsored by The NFD Trust
11.00am Keynote session

Auditory system plasticity to peripheral damage
Prof Ramesh Rajan

Kindly sponsored by The Oticon Foundation

12.00pm Lunch amongst the exhibition
1.00pm Concurrent session 1
  Education - Environments  Education - Language Education - Socio emotional Audio/Medical - Indigenous
  Building Connections Between the Signed and Written Language of Signing Deaf Children

Michelle Baker, Michelle Stark 
Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking-Development of Theory of Mind in Deaf or Hearing Impaired Children

Jill Mustard, Donna Sperandio 

Teacher and Parent-Rated Psychosocial Difficulties of 5-year-old Children with Hearing Impairment: Evidence from the LOCHI study

Dr Cara Wong, Dr Teresa Ching, Prof Greg Leigh, Prof Linda Cupples, Vivienne Marnane 
Incidence and Prevalence of Ear Disease and Hearing Loss in Pacific Island Countries

Prof Peter Thorne, Dr Michael Sanders, Elizabeth Holt, Dr Ofa Dewes, Dr Judith McCool


  Meeting the diverse needs of deaf children – Innovating for excellence

Mel Periera

CONVERSATION: A model for supporting pragmatic skills in students with hearing loss

Dr Louise Paatsch, A/Prof  Dianne Toe, Dr Amelia Church 


Building on Strengths: A Whole School Approach to Emotional and Social Skills

Paula Partington, Rosie Lamb 
Assessing ear and hearing impairment within a survey of the health status of primary school children in Tonga

Fiona Langridge, A/Prof Cameron Grant, Prof Peter Thorne, Elizabeth Holt, Dr Toakase Fakakovikaetau, Sione Hufanga, Dr Lisa Hamm, Dr Teuila Percival, Dr Malakai 'Ofanoa 
  "Cultivating transfer" in dual language learning: Exploring the effectiveness of signed language phonological awareness training on deaf children's sign and print vocabulary learning

Dr Lynn McQuarrie, Dr Charlotte Enns, Dr Caralyn Purvis 


The effect of communication mode on outcomes for children with hearing loss – a review.

Dr Julia Sarant, Alexandra Crosbie 

Research on psychological development in preschool hearing-impaired children in China

Qiaoxin Du
Sustainable Community and School Initiatives in First Nations & Inuit Communities

Michelle Brown

2.10pm Concurrent session 2      
  Education - Bilingualism  Education - Technology  Education - Cognition  Audio/Medical 
  Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrollment in Education Programme: An innovative education approach that benefits both deaf and hearing children

Dr Gladys Tang, Kun Man Chris Yiu, Jia Li 

How technology can advance language, literacy, social skills and connection with families for Deaf and hard of hearing students

Dr Phil Harper, Liz Levesque, Melissa Bryson, Jody Bowman 

Cognitive skills in children who are deaf or hard of hearing: A practitioner's starter kit

Dr Nic Mahler, Prof David Shum
Training Cognition: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives

David Moreau

Issues and changes in Paediatric Cochlear Implantation

A/Prof Phil Bird

2.50pm Afternoon tea amongst the exhibition
3.15pm Concurrent session 3      
  Education 3A Education 3B Education 3C Audio/Medical 
  Evidence-based practices in deaf education

Kate Leigh, Sharon Klieve, Mini Saundry, Grace Broadbent, Vanessa Stewart 

The Benefits of Pedagogical Change for Student Outcomes in Numeracy

Helen O'Shea 

The challenge of mainstream settings: Balancing communication development and educational support

Dr John Davison-Mowle 


4.00pm Keynote session

Effectiveness of early intervention for improving population outcomes of children with congenital hearing loss
Dr Teresa Ching

Kindly sponsored by The Oticon Foundation

5.00pm Close of day one 

Saturday 9 July

Time Event
8.30am Registration desk opens at Air Force Museum
9.00am Keynote session

Developing an evidence base for the management of children with unilateral hearing loss: the CUHL study
Dr Teresa Ching

Kindly sponsored by The Oticon Foundation

10.00am Morning tea amongst the exhibition
10.30am Keynote session

Processing sounds in noise - effects of brain disorders
Prof Ramesh Rajan

Kindly sponsored by The Oticon Foundation

11.30am Poster presentation viewing in the exhibition hall
11:30am Lunch session 
From Detection to Communication: Listening as the bridge to language and social communication

Janette Oliver, Katie Neal

Kindly sponsored by Cochlear Limited
12.00pm Lunch amongst the exhibition
1.00pm Concurrent session 4

Education - Early Intervention
Education - Bilingual and Assessment  Education - Additional Disability  Audio/Medical 

Working outside the Auditory Verbal (AV) box

Alexandra Crosbie

Deaf Aotearoa – First Signs

Bridget Ferguson

Promoting the participation and achievement of Deaf learners presenting with a signed language disorder: What does today mean for tomorrow?

Alice Bennett, Krista Clifford, Sarah Cameron 
The 'Now Hear' Continuum

Denyse Bainbridge 


  Language outcomes for children receiving intervention through the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Early Intervention programme (UNHSEI): Developing a protocol for aggregating the data.

Sally Robinson, Jan Wilson

Assessing the bimodal bilingual language skills of young deaf children

Dr Elizabeth Levesque 

Addressing the implications of otitis media on a child's education, health and wellbeing.

Donna Rees 
  Nga pa harakeke o nga kohungahunga turi

Dr Kirsten Smiler 

Assessing Language Development in a Bilingual Setting: Auslan Sampling and Recording

Erin West 
Developing a model of sensory integration therapy for Deaf learners in a modern educational context: considerations for action.

Rachel Meads 


2.00pm Concurrent session 5

Education - Community
Education - IT  Education - Educational settings  Audio/Medical - Parents 
  Fostering Deaf Peer Connections at Distance Through Video Conferencing and Immersion Courses.

Andrew Townshend, Nirvana May 
Improving written and oral competence with digital technologies.

Daniel Greenwood, Floyd Rao 

The Impact of NZSL@School: Raising Deaf Learners' achievement through bilingual/bicultural teaching practices

Krista Clifford, Janine Campbell 


Working with students who use New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL): How can we best support mainstream professionals working with signing students?

Kathryn Metcalfe, Krista Clifford 

Parents' satisfaction on the rehabilitation outcome of cochlear implanted children in China national aiding project: a retrospective study.

Min Shen, Mo Long, Lijun Zhou, Lei Zhai, Aishu Liu, Wei Liang 
  From Melbourne to Bhutan – Volunteering in Bhutan's only School for the Deaf

Elizabeth Grover


Building teacher capacity in the use of captioned multimedia for curriculum access

Anne McGrath  

NZSL Day School - the success of a day class for mainstreamed Deaf students whose primary language is New Zealand Sign Language

Janine Campbell, Pixie Neame 
The Practice of Hearing Management for Hearing Impaired Preschool Children in China

A/Prof Liyan Wang 
2.45pm Afternoon tea amongst the exhibition
3.15pm Keynote session

Helping Students Become More Emotionally Intelligent
Prof John Luckner

Kindly sponsored by University of Canterbury


4.15pm Close of day two
7.00pm Conference Dinner

Buses depart conference hotels at 6:30pm

Sunday 10 July

Time Event
8.30am Registration desk opens at Air Force Museum
9.00am Concurrent session 6
  Education - Environments  Education - IT  Education - Socio-emotional  Audio/Medical  

Chinese hearing parents' early involvement in supporting their deaf child's inclusive education in Beijing

Xirong He
Department of Education and Training, South West Victoria Region Visiting Teachers - Video Conferencing Project

Sally Martin, Rachael Morck 
Learning and change: A centre-wide, holistic framework to enhance engagement and well-being of deaf and hard-of-hearing students in inclusive settings.

Jean Annan, Bernadette Mulcahy-Bouwman 
UHL IMPact: Examining the effect of unilateral hearing loss on infant vocal development

Dr Robyn Cantle Moore 


  Bimodal-Bilingual Acquisition of Spatial Referencing in Cantonese and Hong Kong Sign Language by Deaf/Hard of hearing Children

Prof Felix Sze 
Creating a sound start to literacy: How tablet-based intervention can improve DHH pre-schoolers' Phonological Awareness skills.

Dr Megan Gilliver, Prof Linda Cupples, Dr Teresa Ching, Prof Greg Leigh, Jodie Belshaw 


'The Lighthouse Program: Shining a light on social skills'

Kelly Humphries, Michelle Brown
Does early sign language input make a difference for deaf children with Auditory Brainstem Implants?

Kun-man Yiu, Gladys Tang ,Jia Li, Emily Lam 
9.40am Morning tea amongst the exhibition
10.10am Concurrent session 7

Education - Educational settings
Education  Education - Socio-emotional  Audio/Medical  
  Purposeful collaborative partnerships leading to quality inclusive learning experiences for students who are DHH in mainstream school settings

Sharon Klieve, Kate Leigh 
New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Achievement Standards for NCEA – successful outcomes using task based language learning

Francie Benge,
 Robyn Neil, Jeanette Saunders   
Increasing the Social Competence of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Prof John Luckner

Kindly sponsored by University of Canterbury

Parent perceptions of children's leisure and the risk of noise injury

Lyndal Carter, Prof Deborah Black, Prof Anita Bundy, Dr Warwick Williams  


Detection to High School: Barriers to success for children born with hearing loss

Leslie Searchfield

11.00am Keynote session

'Understanding what Theory of Mind means for deaf children's learning'
Prof Gary Morgan

Kindly sponsored by The NFD Trust
12.00pm Lunch amongst the exhibition
1.00pm Closing
Summary presentation, Prof Greg Leigh
ANZCED 2018 announcement, Claire Loades
2.30pm Close