Dr Jo Egan

If you would like to contact Dr Jo Egan to discuss her presentation, you can reach her at jojessmatt@gmail.com or on 027 636 6816.



MBChB, BSc(Hons), Dip Paeds, Dip Community Emergency Medicine, PG Cert Clinical Education, DHSc candidate, FRNZCUC

An interest in clinical education and the human factors that influence us all in our practice has led me to pursue an expertise around leadership and wellbeing.  I am currently involved in a doctoral project pulling theory and tools of positive psychology into an Emergency Department to consider our own wellbeing as acute healthcare workers and how we can foster this for ourselves and one another.  I have a particular interest in appreciative modes of inquiry, cultural development and thriving within teams and organisations.  I work clinically as an Emergency Medical doctor and am actively involved in clinical education both within Waitemata DHB and at the University of Auckland.


Abstract Title:  Accentuate the positive – harvesting the gold of wellbeing in the Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is a melting pot of almost every aspect of humanity. It can be a place of pain, disease, despair and death. It can be a place of overloaded systems where increasing patient numbers and need can overwhelm available staffing, technological and physical resources. Much of this overshadows other truths about the Emergency Department. That it is also a place of care, of compassion, of excellence where many acts of kindness and genuine heroism occur every day. It can be a place of deeply meaningful connection, of achievement and joy in learning and teaching. These positive aspects align well with what positive psychology is discovering are key components of living a life beyond merely surviving, one of thriving. 





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