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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Pacific Arts Association XII International Symposium. This Symposium aims to encourage a Moana centred approach which privileges indigenous voices and knowledge for genuine cultural exchange and debate. Hence you will notice a few alternative format styles. This change is also as a result of feedback received from PAA members and past delegates.

This Symposium will not be a simple succession of concurrent streams of paper presentations, but as a platform for collective discussion on issues of common concern. With this in mind multiple presentation formats are proposed with a preference for sessions with open dialogue amongst participants. Each day of the Symposium will have varied formats, and presentations may employ sharing through wananga (fora), narratives, arts in practice and cultural performance as well as workshops, tours, keynote addresses, panels and individual presentations.

We seek presentation proposals from individuals, groups, communities, researchers, artists and academics internationally and nationally that consider the above themes from multiple disciplines. In particular we strongly encourage the bringing together of participants from different countries, backgrounds, communities and/or institutions in your proposed sessions.

To maximise exchange, sharing and debate the concurrent sessions will be kept to a minimum. As a result the opportunity for extended individual presentations is limited and we encourage you to take cognisance of this when you consider submitting a proposal.

We hope you will enjoy this varied format and we look forward to some dynamic forums. However, please be aware that inclusion in the programme may require some flexibility on the participants' part to consider an alternative presentation format should your first preference not be available due to programme limits.

A series of post-Symposium tours is also being planned to local and regional art institutions and collections, receptions, local community initiatives, and special programs.


The following are the presentation formats for the Pacific Arts Association XII International Symposium:


Individual Papers

Type A: 15 minute presentation with discussion time.


Type B: 10 minutes report-type presentation.


Lightning Sessions

Type C: Presenters speak to 20 images for 20 seconds each 


Organised Sessions

Type D: Related presentations proposed by a convener, which will involve 3 x 15-mins presentations with 15 mins discussion. 


Panel Sessions

Type E: Panel discussion proposed by a convener, nominating the panel members of 3-6 x 5-mins presentations with 30-45-mins discussion time. 


Cultural Demonstration/Performance

(ie. play, dance, storytelling)

The staging of a work (or work in progress), at the discretion of artist/s involved the piece/s may be introduced by a host, with discussion time (up to 20mins in duration for entire bracket).



(ie. spoken word, music)

The staging of a work (or work in progress), at the discretion of artist/s involved the piece/s may be introduced by a host, with discussion time up to 10mins. 


Poster Sessions

Participants present a visual display (poster) explaining their research. Standard size A0 = 840mm x 1190mm. Please include an abstract.


In addition to the symposium sessions a one day creative practitioner's wananga is being organised. This wananga aims to bring together master and emerging artists in various art forms to create individual and collaborative works, and to provide a platform for knowledge sharing amongst all participants. The Symposium organisers seek proposals from artists and practitioners to participate in this wananga from the following areas but not limited to; stone and wood carving, weaving, tapa, ta moko tattooing, clay, adornment, and feather work.