Alicia Webb

Alicia is the change manager within the Ministry of Health's technology group responsible for national systems. This role primarily supports the management of business change when  new software and services are delivered by the Ministry into sector applications and health provider organisations.  

Having worked in the health sector in various roles since 1988, Alicia has experience of many different provider environments and enjoys working with those most impacted by large-scale change projects undertaken on a national level.  

Alicia is a registered Change Management Practitioner with APMG International and is also PRINCE2 certified.  

She holds a Bachelor of International Communication degree, together with partially completed qualifications in nursing and health information management.  

Her previous Ministry roles have built significant expertise in the health identity domain, with a number of years leading the team responsible for the National Health Index and Healthcare Provider Index.   

Her current portfolio of change work is focused on rollout of the National Enrolment Service within GP providers, which is what she will be presenting about at this conference.

National Enrolment Service (NES)

Saturday 10 September | 2.30pm

Since the establishment of PHOs in the early 2000's, capitation-based funding has been the means by which GP practices receive payment for looking after the health needs of their enrolled patient population. The calculation of this funding has been based on a quarterly process of submitting data extracts via PHOs of patient information from practice management systems.

The National Enrolment Service has established a new national master database of PHO enrolments.  This, together with the national master database of patient identity information – the National Health Index – will mean a transition away from the need to provide extracts of data.  The introduction of new technology services and interfaces, and integration of these into the practice management systems means that practices will now be able to maintain enrolment and identity information as patients present in real-time.

In addition to the improved accuracy and timeliness relating to payment, the maintenance of this real-time information by primary care will provide real benefit to patients and other providers in terms of patient safety and administrative efficiencies.

This session will cover the journey so far, current status of the NES project work, what it means for PHOs and Practices, and what the future may look like once NES is fully implemented.

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