Philip Patston


Philip Patston is Managing Director of Diversity New Zealand Ltd, which he founded in September 2001. He has over 25 years professional experience in counselling, social work, human rights promotion, creative and social entrepreneurship, as well as leadership. He also had a fifteen-year career as a professional, award-winning comedian (1997-2012).


In October 2015, Philip was named one of the Top 10 diversity consultants in the inaugural Global Diversity List, the first ever assessment of the world's leading authorities on diversity. Philip is a Leadership New Zealand Fellow (2012) and a New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellow (2007-2009). He speaks regularly about his unique approach to diversity, including at TEDxAuckland in July 2012.

Diversity - seeing beyond labels

Saturday 10 September | 3.15pm

It's no secret that society is changing with greater and greater speed. Cultures are becoming more and more intermingled; gender and sexual identity are now far more openly fluid; and the complexity of our ability to function is increasing as we live longer due to technological and medical advancement. What does this mean for the future?

This session will reframe and expand your understanding of diversity by inquiring about and then deconstructing current notions of categorisation, labelling and representation. We will identify what creates misunderstandings and misinterpretations of diversity – and how these work against inclusion – and explore techniques to overcome these barriers and how to benefit from embracing diversity in the context of your organisational culture.


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